Corporate Limo Services Z Class for Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia

Corporate Limo Services for Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia

We at Corporate Limo Z Class, offer corporate limo services in Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia. Our fleet of cars is suitable for business events, sales meetings, picking up important clients, the board of directors meetings and all other business related requirements. Our corporate limos offer all the amenities and luxurious travel experience that is going to be preferred by everyone. We understand time is an important factor for the corporate world. Thus, we have an user-friendly reservation system online. Contact Us today to get a quote!

The booking procedure is fast and easy and you get all the necessary details while booking. Our services are very flexible, we realize depending on the circumstances clients may need to change or cancel the reservation, they might also want to have the exact details of the limo car including the chauffeur, and the scheduled destinations may also change. Our online system is always at your service to cater all your needs.

Our corporate limo services ensure punctuality and safety. Sometimes, the limo services are required to meet an extended business trip during the night. Our highly skilled chauffeurs will ensure the meeting conveniently takes place. He will schedule the pick up on time and use the safest routes during the entire journey. Our office has all the state-of-the-art systems for tracking the activities of all our limo cars. So, in case you need to know the present location of your reserved vehicle, the expected time of pick up or the details of the chauffeur we can furnish this information in seconds. We have partnered with since they specialize in Corporate Limo Service in Los Angeles and also provide Wedding Limo and LAX Limo Service.

Therefore, in a nutshell, our clients get a host of facilities while availing our corporate limo services. These include an user-friendly reservation system, simplified and customizable account management system, e-billing facilities, dedicated phone numbers and personalized account executives, event coordination manager and the ability to monitor the proceedings.

The Corporate Limousine Advantage
Any business travelers would encounter issues getting around large cities like Houston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Taxis are the worst possible alternative as everyone has to stand in the queue. This is unnecessary wastage of time. The corporate limo services we offer is the best solution in this scenario. We schedule pick-ups and drop-offs at any destination and at any time. Our services are more than simply scheduling business meetings only, our chauffeurs are going to be with the client for as long as the services are needed, even if this includes sightseeing. Our highly skilled chauffeur knows to differentiate the mindset between an average tourist and a business person. Thus, they will operate accordingly.

Thankfully, the luxury, convenience and reliability of our corporate limo service are rather cost-effective. The biggest advantage is our clients are able to save on investing on the meeting venues as these meetings can be scheduled in the limousine itself.

Fleet availability
We are not like some of the other corporate limo companies that will list several vehicles in their fleet but do not have direct access to them. Additionally, as a corporate person, no one would prefer looking at a limited range of limos. We are proud to offer a diverse fleet like the executive sedan, limo bus, coach bus and all the other variants. Our motto has always been to develop a long-term relationship with our clients. Once you travel to Los Angeles, Houston or Philadelphia in our limousines, you will definitely prefer our services over the others. Do have a look at our Corporate Limo Fleet we are always ready with the perfect limo that you are going to prefer.

Lincoln MKT Deluxe Sedan
This classy limo offers the most luxurious experience for 4 passengers. They have extended leg room and trunk that can also accommodate luggage. For the convenience of the clients, this limo includes amenities like a newspaper, USB chargers, water, leather interior Wi-Fi and lots more.

Mercedes S550 Sedan
Mercedes-Benz is directly associated with luxury. Understandably, you will experience out of the world experience when you travel on this limo. The car has special security systems with all the added amenities that you can expect in a corporate limo.

Lincoln Navigator L SUV
If you are looking to experience the most luxurious business travel, this is the limo for you. It offers you with a myriad of features that includes DVD player, climate control, Wi-Fi, USB chargers and much more. This SUV is the ideal choice for more than 6 people.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van
Sometimes, the meetings require a contingent of people. These people need to be shuttled from one destination to the other. The Mercedes-Benz sprinter van can accommodate 11-14 passengers with enough space in the interiors. For small-group transport, there is no other vehicle that can match up to this one.

Executive Mini Coach
For meeting the requirements of an even larger contingent of business persons, we offer the mini coaches. They can carry 20-50 passengers conveniently providing all the services with the corporate will relish.
We are committed to offering safe, comfortable and luxury corporate limo services for individuals, private groups in and around Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia.